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Providing great service-conscious alternatives for our clients.


At SupiraX Global Corporations Inc. our clients always come first. Our team of passionate and thoughtful storytellers puts their knowledge and experience to the test with every project undertaken. We make sure that our clients stay on top of their products and services, so they can improve their daily operations and provide their customers with satisfaction and loyalty.


Our mission here at SupiraX consists of Four (4) objectives:

  • To be a strategic link in our customers’ communication process, committed to exceeding their expectations around the clock or every time they contact us.

  • To create a call center environment and culture that empowers our agents and management team to passionately represent our client’s brands.

  •  To provide our employees with opportunities, giving them a voice to express their talent, passion, and commitment to excellence.

  • To develop remarkable solutions, using our expertise and consistent ​disciplinary ​action to deliver peace of mind.

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Our Vision

SupiraX vision is to become known as the customer interactions service provider that masterfully embraces the vision, spirit, and tiered goals of our clients. Working collaboratively with our clients, we contribute to their longevity and profitability in the marketplace while ultimately ensuring strategic growth and a reasonable return to our investors.

SupiraX Core Values are:

  • Responsibility and integrity:​ We comply with all obligations.​

  • Openness:​ We are open to innovations. We are available – always and to everyone.

  • Team spirit:​ We believe in the unity of our team by providing mutual assistance.

  • Creativity:​ We strive to implement new ideas.

  • Loyalty:​ We are loyal to our customers, company, and employees.

  • Productivity: We are continually improving ourselves to increase the capabilities of our services and use our working time even more effectively.

  • Positivity:​ We have a positive attitude towards new challenges and changes.

  • Professionalism: We adhere to the highest professional criteria and consistently improve our qualifications.

  • Achieving our goals: We establish goals and then execute them. We strive to make our products accessible and reliable.

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