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Our Solutions

Customer experience is a priority for all businesses. The BPO was introduced to improve customer experience and ensure accurate information about products and services for companies; the call center is one of the most critical functions of an organization, as it handles customer interactions, complaints appointments, etc. The call center features real-time chat, phone, or video capabilities, allowing customers to interact with the company in ways that were previously impossible. Our call centers are staffed by highly trained experts that know how to handle any type of situation smoothly so your customers will always be satisfied.

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We understand that our clients sometimes have a lot to handle and we want to be able to provide them with exactly what they need. We believe in providing our clients with an industry-leading level of service and care so that you can feel confident in your ability to provide quality information. 

Customer Service & Technical Support

At SupiraX, customer service is more than just a responsibility - it's an opportunity for our team to show off their passion for helping customers. Our customer service representatives are the face of our company, so we strive to hire friendly, compassionate people who truly love interacting with people from all walks of life. We offer our customers 24/7 email, chat and back office support to ensure they are served quickly and effectively.

Inbound & Outbound Support 

Our support team is specialized in both support inbound and outbound. We offer live chat, phone calls, and email support to help with all the issues your company is facing today. Our experts are happy to resolve any issue you have no matter how small or large so we can continue having this great relationship!

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Debt Collect Service 

We offer our clients debt collection services and also make sure that the debtor has been informed of the amount due if any. Our debtors do not get away scot-free. Also, if the amount owed is large we promise to work hard to ensure that they pay up quickly.

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We know the power of a phone call. A phone call can turn potential prospects into lifelong customers. We make your phone calls and start conversations that last – relationships that build the business. In short, We'll do telemarketing for your business (and for people who don’t want to do it). With our experience, we have the ability to effectively reach new customers and clients through outbound phone calls and can also handle inbound calls, which will help your business to grow.

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